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Since 1992 Technology Lubricants Corporation has been serving the Oil & Gas industry using the best of Technology to supply lubricants and coolants. At TLC our mission is to promote a positive experience for our customers, coworkers and community. This is accomplished by creating value through innovative solutions, superior service and the best in class lubrication products. We exist to serve our customers.

Our focus is providing state-of-the-art lubricant and coolant technology with products from industry leaders, including Citgo, Dow Norkool, Phillips 66, and Summit. Specializing in trouble-shooting for the gas compression industry, including gas production, processing and transmission.

Oil & Gas

Engine Oil

Health and stability of our engines is key. Find the right lubricating oil to feed your fleets engines.

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Gear Oil

Transmissions, transfer cases, and differentials in automobiles, trucks, and other machinery.

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Sythetic Oil

Synthetic lubricants can be manufactured using chemically modified petroleum components.

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Transmission Fluid

Lubricanting moving parts inside your transmission with a combination of additives that improve lubricating qualities

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Rig Wash - Industrial Soap

For The

Big Jobs

TLC RIG Wash & Industrial Soap


Featured Products

Citgo Hydurance AW

CITGO Hydurance AW

CITGO HyDurance AW Fluids are recommended for service in industrial and mobile hydraulic systems. These products provide maximum service life to vane, piston and gear pumps as well as other circuit components such as motors and servos.

Hydurance AW
Mystik JT-6 HT

Mystik® JT-6® Hi-Temp Grease #2

Mystik JT-6 Hi-Temp Grease is a high-temperature, lithium-complex grease that combines excellent multi-purpose properties with a high dropping point and low-temperature pumpability that provides a wide operating temperature range. This product provides superior protection in heavily-loaded industrial, mining and construction applications.

JT-6 Hi Temp Grease #2